About Me

Hello! My name is terebee, (not really, its my pseudonym of course) and thank you for visiting my site! This place is a sort of "summer project" for me. Being a 17 year old with nothing to do gets boring QUICK so I decided, "why the heck not", and created this page to keep my html knowledge fresh. As you can tell by the rather agregious design and overall stiff structure of the site, I am a beginner.

Anyways, this page is dedicated to the details of my life; what I like, what I do, etc. Just to give you, the esteemed viewer, a better idea of my life and who I am! So here goes. My hobbies include watching movies (usually bad ones), playing videogames (go Nintendo!), learning foreign languages, playing guitar and euphonium, and of course, learning code. My favorite album of all time is most likely the Blue Album by Weezer, my favorite movie is Princess Mononoke, I have too many favorite video games, and I dont really have a favorite food, given that I don't eat much and exclusively drink tea and water. Oh! And my favorite animal is the honeybee (but you probably figured that out by the name of this site).

Well, those were some details about me! I hope you gleaned some information about my life. I am choosing not to reveal any truly personal details about my life until the end of the summer, just to see if I care enough about this project to invest real time in it. I am sure you will get to know me better as I journal on here, and you (if YOU even exist) read them. See you on the flip side,